Hindi Language Course

Approximately 425 million people speak Hindi as their first language and 120 million people speak it as a second language around the globe which makes it the fourth widely spoken language in the world and most spoken language in the Indian subcontinent including countries like India, Pakistan & Afghanistan. India is the second biggest information technology exporter in the world & third-biggest country in terms of billion-dollar startups. There are 2 Indian cities on the list of top five emerging technology hub cities in the world. Moreover, almost 11 million people visited India in 2019 which shows the booming tourism industry of India. These statistics make India one of the favourite destinations for people who want to make it big in their career in the field of business, technology, tourism & finance.

Course Structure

In the duration of 4 months (160 hours) we train our learners in the Hindi language from beginner to intermediate level in all four modules of reading, writing, listening and speaking for the holistic learning experience of the Hindi language.

Fee in one instalment

Fee in two instalments